Who To Start, Sit, And Scoop Up For Your Week 15 Fantasy Football Playoffs Lineup

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When you’re eliminated from the fantasy football playoffs, the emotional stages of grief kick in, you start bargaining with God for a way to go back in time to make a roster change, you get angry, you don’t believe that you’re out of the playoffs, but you are. Maybe it was your hubris, maybe it was bad advice, maybe it was sheer dumb luck. Maybe hubris, bad advice or dumb luck actually worked out in your favor.

If you’re still in the fantasy football playoffs, we salute you. If you’ve been eliminated, we put our hands over our hearts and bid you adieu. Until next year.

Start of the Week

Matt Ryan: The Falcons are going to score on the 49ers in a number of ways. Maybe Freeman or Coleman will take a screen to the house, maybe Ryan will drop a dime on a wide-open Gabriel down the field. Even if Julio Jones is out, he’ll continue his top-3 fantasy season into the playoff semis.

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