Who To Start, Sit, Scoop Up, And Not Sleep On For Your Week 7 Fantasy Football Lineup

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As we head past the halfway point of the fantasy regular season, we’re seeming to be without Ezekiel Elliott for the next six games and definitely without Aaron Rodgers for the season. Another week, another brutal blow to our teams. This has been a terrible year for people who want a nice, calm fantasy season to distract them from the random horrors of the world. Instead, we’re just getting weekly reminders that anything can and will happen. Thanks, fragile collarbones.

Also, there’s a Curse Watch™ brewing. Considering Brady is on the cover of Madden and involved with this Sports Illustrated necromancy, it’s only a matter of time until his veggie juice is tainted and everything really starts falling apart.

Bye weeks: Detroit and Houston.

Start of the Week

Adrian Peterson leaving New Orleans is great for everyone involved. Peterson is getting fed in Arizona, Alvin Kamara is getting an expanded shot, Mark Ingram is the clear number one and will get plenty of red zone opportunities, and Sean Payton doesn’t have to get the stink eye anymore. It’s the ultra-rare win-win-win-win.


Much more on Peterson later, but for now, Ingram is your SOTW (pronounced sôt-wuh).

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