The Broncos Kicker Had An Excellent Response To An Upset Fantasy Football Player On Twitter

11.16.15 3 years ago 4 Comments
brandon mcmanus

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Ah, the impotent rage of a fantasy football owner. You’ve done all the prep you can, only to see your best-laid plans ripped to shreds by a fluke or an injury. The game’s unpredictability is at the heart of its appeal, but also its capacity to ruin your day.

That’s what it did for Twitter user @Fat_Patt, who vented at Broncos kicker Brandon McManus on Sunday (screenshot via Bleacher Report):

It’s the exact sort of pointless anger that people love to dish out on Twitter, safe with the website being at arm’s reach from their physical life. They vent on Twitter, and hopefully they move on. But we all know that there are real humans receiving those tweets — especially when you mention them directly. McManus, however, had a wonderfully appropriate response:

Nothing says you’re taking the high road better than a simple “You’re welcome” to a sarcastic thanks from a guy who is owed exactly nothing. That guy has since made his Twitter account protected (hence the screencap), so maybe he’s learned a valuable lesson.

(Via Bleacher Report)

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