Consensus Week 3 Fantasy Football Projection Defense Rankings

Week 3 of the NFL season is upon us and with two weeks of football under our belts, we’re starting to learn some things about teams. At the very least, we are getting a baseline of the teams that are on the furthest ends of the spectrum in terms of being good and bad on both sides of the ball.

In fantasy, both of those things have to be taken into account when selecting a defense, as it’s not simply about having the best defense, but also about picking up defenses that go up against the worst opposition. We see a mix of that in this week’s consensus projection rankings, where objectively good defenses like the Broncos and Bills float up near the top, where they’ll often find themselves even against solid competition, but others that are more boom or bust, like the Cardinals, also arrive up there due to their opponent. Denver gets the gift of the Jets, which vaults them to the top spot, while Arizona gets Jacksonville, jumping them up to No. 2.

Here are the top 20 defenses based on the average of the Week 3 projections from ESPN, NFL, CBS, and FantasyPros.

  1. Broncos
  2. Cardinals
  3. Bills
  4. Panthers
  5. Steelers
  6. Browns
  7. Patriots
  8. Ravens
  9. Raiders
  10. Falcons
  11. Cowboys
  12. Packers
  13. Giants
  14. Vikings
  15. Titans
  16. Bucs
  17. Bears
  18. Chiefs
  19. Texans
  20. Seahawks