Who To Start, Sit, Scoop Up, And Not Sleep On For Your Week 2 Fantasy Lineup

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Week 1 of the NFL season was a weird. Sam Bradford, Jared Goff and Alex Smith outperformed Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson, and defenses ruled the day, but this type of chaos is what we’re used to by now, right? Kinda. You can handle your studs playing poorly for a week, but losing number one overall pick David Johnson for a good chunk of the year (reportedly) is terrible, and Zero RB enthusiasts are probably reeling at the loss of Danny Woodhead. Allen Robinson is done for the year too.

So, some of us limp into Week 2, where there are plenty of juicy matchups. We come into the next round of fantasy football with a far better understanding of where our squads fit into the grand scheme of things, and most of all, we know not to start Adrian Peterson.

Start of the Week

The Cardinals are without David Johnson and Carson Palmer very well could be done, but let’s kick the tires on the old dudes one last time because they can probably still do it against a Colts defense that the Rams gashed for 373 total yards. The vast majority of the offense went through the air in LA on Sunday, and without David Johnson, it could force Palmer to throw. Who will be there but Mr. Dependable himself, Larry Fitzgerald.

Larry got 13 targets against the Lions on Sunday, and if he gets that much work against the Colts (he should), he’ll probably shimmy into the end zone.



Carson Palmer: This is probably the last time this can be suggested but you might as well roll out Palmer one last time, at especially in daily fantasy where he’ll be cheap $6,000. The Cardinals threw 48 times in Week 1, albeit in catch-up mode, but with Johnson out and a traditionally pass-heavy offense to look back on over the last few years, we can be sure to see both this:

And this:

Palmer did lose his left tackle, which is concerning, but hopefully it just forces him to chuck the ball faster. There are garbage points to be had here.

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