Fantasy Football Heartbreak: Week 13 ‘I Hate Fantasy Football’ Edition

12.04.17 3 months ago

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That’s it, folks. The fantasy football regular season is a wrap. The first 13 games have come and gone, leaving a trail of misery and fantasy owners questioning what they did to deserve a season full of devastating injuries and unpredictable play. Of course, this season we saw some heroes. Deshaun Watson emerged, as did Alvin Kamara, Carson Wentz and a host of other up and coming stars. But we also saw David Johnson go down Week 1, Aaron Rodgers get hurt, Odell Beckham Jr. get injured for the season and eventually, Deshaun Watson tear his ACL.

It’s like for every good thing to happen this year, the fantasy football gods gave us three horrifying injuries.

Now, many of us are out of the running. Maybe not in every league, but mitigating the heartbreak can only go so far. A catch here, a yard there added up over the season, and you’re knocking on the door of fantasy immortality. And the worst part — veterans know that for all the heartbreak, Week 14 tears open the wound anew. It’s a new season come round 1 of the playoffs, and we know that if the vindictive beings that rule over the fantasy universe have been clever in how they break our heart, nothing will compare to a loss in the next three weeks.

Still, many are reeling after just barely missing the playoffs. And what happens if Gronk is suspended next week? Along with the usual tweets bemoaning a bad play, we’re going to do a special, Week 13 “I hate fantasy football” post. Since most people are eliminated at this time, the volume of such tweets is high. (There’s always daily fantasy.)

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