11.14.08 9 years ago 14 Comments

It’s a sad day for sports blog enthusiasts (read: dorks), as the guys at Fire Joe Morgan are bringing the site to an end.  Since With Leather tries to avoid going down the rabbit holes of media criticism and reporting which sports bloggers are writers for “The Office,” FJM never got a lot of attention here, but it was a vital read for anyone who likes to see idiots mocked ruthlessly.  And I am ALL about that.

FJM weren’t whores for attention, they didn’t feast on gossip or rely on tits to get page views (ahem), and they didn’t start blogging in an attempt to become the next Bill Simmons.  They didn’t spend ten hours in Photoshop creating a shitty collage of images for their header (they didn’t spend any time on site design). They just took idiot columnists’ idiot columns and broke them down, sentence by mind- numbingly stupid sentence.  It’s a marvelous conceit, and they did it with wit and élan.

Seriously, I’m depressed about this.  There are 800 million sports blogs, and maybe twenty don’t absolutely suck.  And now it’s more like 19.  Dammit.

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