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In one of the more idiotic stories of the year, Reuters interviewed style gurus to get their thoughts on the imminent arrival of sports fashion icon David Beckham to America.

“Hopefully it will inspire them to lift their game,” said Adam Rapoport, style editor at men’s fashion magazine GQ. “I think athletes respond to competition well. If someone’s looking better than them, they want to get on par with them.”

“One of the things that nobody really mentions about David Beckham is that the clothing is so geared to his shape,” [Esquire senior fashion editor Wendell] Brown said. “He is the perfect size to wear Dolce and Gabbana and Versace and Prada and Gucci.”

So, is that ridiculous hat in the picture from Prada, or is it on loan from the Marley family?  Ugh.

In other news, Ronaldhino topped out Forbes's list of the world's richest soccer stars at $30 million, beating out Beckham's earnings by a million dollars. When asked about the final tally, Beckham was all, "I'll give up a million bucks not to look like Ronaldhino."* (pictures 1 and 4)

In other other news, Posh Spice has my permission to never wear a bra.  Ladies, before you decide not to get implants, just think how much time and money you'll save on underwear over the rest of your life.  Bras are expensive and time-consuming.  At least that's what I heard from some guy.  He was wearing a leather jacket, so I'm guessing he's right.

*Not true

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