UFC: Mexico Produced The Fastest Knockout In UFC Flyweight History

08.05.17 7 months ago

Dustin Ortiz and Hector Sandoval didn’t want to deal with the elevation of Mexico City, they came out swinging like they wanted the fight to end as quickly as possible. It did. It did end as quickly as possible, and Ortiz set the record for the fastest finish in UFC flyweight history with a 14-second KO of Sandoval.

With only two wins in his last six fights, Ortiz needed this. His UFC career has been nearly a half-decade of entertaining, but mostly finish-less fights. This was his second finish in his last three fights and his third since entering the company in 2013. Sandoval, as you can see by the way he begins the fight by throwing bombs at the head region of Ortiz.

In the end, it seemed like Sandoval was throwing too heavy, too wild, and he got caught by a crisp Ortiz left hook that ended him as he attempted to muscle into the pocket. This is a good example of flyweights maybe not respecting each other’s finishing power. Right? Their chins were out there and these two were ready to land heavy leather upside domes with reckless abandon.

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