The Dallas Cowboys Addressed That Pic Of ‘Fat Tony Romo’ Floating Around

08.02.16 3 years ago

NFL training camps are under way all over the country, and you know what that means: It’s time to break down photos, videos and interviews in excruciating detail to determine who’s in the famed Best Shape of Their Life™, and who’s going to be in the doghouse with their coaches. Eddie Lacy in particular has played this game several times in his young career already, but the new subject of scrutiny is none other than 36-year-old Tony Romo.

Is he fat?!?

Well, the fact that Romo is puffing up his cheeks isn’t going to help his cause, and one could reasonably argue that his loose mesh shirt simply puffed up with a plume of air as he came down on his stride. Still, if we’re going into the icky drudgery of judging a man’s appearance and fitness based on one photo, there looks to be a hint of extra weight there. It produced enough of a reaction online to merit a response from Cowboys staff, as well.

Cowboys VP Stephen Jones said Romo is “in some of the best shape he’s been in,” and offensive coordinator Scott Linehan agrees. Those statements came from an article by Jon Machota, who took the offending photo, and he himself copped to his faux pas, saying, “It certainly appears as if Romo is overweight. He is not. It was some poor camera work on my part.”

(Via Dallas Morning News)

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