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Hockey legend Guy Lafleur ("the flower" – what a queer!) can commiserate with Eagles coach Andy Reid — Guy's son is a 23-year-old criminal, too, with a rap sheet that reads like the Bengals' inactive list:

Lafleur's 23-year-old son [Mark] faces more than 20 criminal charges, including sexually assaulting a minor, armed assault, uttering threats, and forcible confinement between 2004 and 2007.

Mark has been living in halfway houses as he awaits the beginning of his trial next May, and Guy — being the caring father that he is — petitioned the court to have Mark stay in his care until trial.  Except

"While, according to the testimony of the accused and his father before this court on Oct. 15, it seems that rather than sleeping at his father's house, (his father) allowed him to spend the weekends or nights in the company of his girlfriend, aged 16, in two different hotels," Quebec Superior Court Justice Carol Cohen said in denying the younger Lafleur's request for bail.

Yes, the 23-year-old guy charged with sexually assaulting a minor has a 16-year-old girlfriend.  And his dad knowingly provided the illegal transportation for his booty calls.  And why not?  You shoulda seen the ass on her.  16 goin' on 26, ya know what I mean?


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