Watch These Kids Talk About How Much They Love Their NFL Dads In This Touching Video

If you haven’t gotten him anything yet, don’t forget to go out and grab something for your dad for Father’s Day. And if for some reason you can’t pick him up, say, tickets to a ball game or some tools or something, at least make sure you let him know how important he is to you. As this video by Courtyard Hotels shows, sometimes simply lending a kind word to your dad is all you need.

This video features children from toddlers to teenagers sharing their appreciation for their fathers, all of whom play in the NFL. There’s a catch, though: these kids thought that their compliments were anonymous. Instead, the dads – Drew Brees, Vince Wilfork, Antonio Brown, and Ryan Kalil – were in another room watching on a monitor while their children talked about the importance of their fathers.

The dads eventually all come out, hug their kids, and talk about the importance of being a father. But above everything else, it’s so great watching these NFL players react to their kind words of their children. Well, almost all of the words are kind – Brees’ kid said that his favorite NFL team is the Carolina Panthers, but to the All-Pro’s credit, he seemed to take it all in stride.

(via Bleacher Report)