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According to Jay Glazer's sources, Brett Favre wants out of Green Bay:

Several Packers and league sources have told FOXSports.com that Brett Favre's agent Bus Cook phoned Green Bay's general manager Ted Thompson within two to three days of the draft and asked for a trade. The sources said that Cook railed off how his client was fed up with the organization and wanted out.

How big a baby was Mr. Cook to be named Bus?  Twelve pounds?  Fifteen?  This may be the first time I've ever agreed with Brett Favre because I'm fed up with Green Bay organization too.  In fact, I think their franchise should be contracted.  And no, my Chicago Bears allegiance has not effected my objectivity as assistant editor.  What particularly angered Favre?

The shocking request appeared directly related to the team's inability to trade for WR Randy Moss.

Randy Moss in the green and gold?  I spent some time in the bustling and vast Green Bay metropolitan area on my Lake Michigan Circle Tour of colleges and universities (most of them accredited), and I can think of no better urban landscape for Mr. Moss.  It is such a multi-cultural oasis of avant-garde thinkers and artists, that he would be virtually overlooked.  He could run over as many meter maids as he wants on his way to fish in Sturgeon Bay.  Alas, it's not to be.  Perhaps Favre could join Moss in New England, and displace Dreamboat.  Lovely Gisele would never date a back-up, and she would naturally seek out a humble assistant editor for a rebound relationship.  It could happen . . . no, no it couldn't.  Damn. -KD

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