08.27.09 9 years ago 9 Comments

Anybody picking up a copy of Sports Illustrated this week might have noticed the “100% Favre-Free” claim on the corner. That’s cute, I guess. Never mind that it comes over a week after Favre’s Tractor Without Shame has finally come to rest in Minneapolis. Because what’s the fun of finally acknowledging your irritating level of coverage when, for all practical purposes, that event being covered has already ended?

I have no problem with Favre. I really don’t. Deciding when to quit the best job of your life has to be an incredibly difficult thing to do. No, my gripe is with the national media that insist that headlines like “Favre Undecided About Future” and any derivative therein is newsworthy. Some old man not making up his mind is news?! You’re taking up airtime and ink for this?! Oh, but now that the story’s over, you’re like the 14-year-old girl that gets dumped and then runs around school the next day, whining “I never really liked him anyway” to any douchebag that will listen.

My ass.

Favre lied about staying retired three weeks ago to get Rachel Nichols off his lawn. He came back anyway, and maybe that was the plan all along. It’s over. Stop acting like you weren’t in the bag for him all along. Can’t a man just have fun out there anymore?

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