02.11.09 10 years ago 18 Comments

I don’t believe it yet, mainly because the start of the regular season is still almost eight months away, but whatever. At least it’s not baseball:

Favre had instructed his agent, James “Bus” Cook, to inform the Jets on Wednesday that he is retiring. Two team sources told ESPN senior NFL analyst [name redacted, because, really, who cares] that the call had been made.[…]

The Jets did not have an immediate comment. A Jets official said Tuesday night that no definite word had come from Favre yet but added, “that can change any minute.”

Prostitutes usually turn tricks until they become undesirable. Or die. Brett Favre will probably play football until he becomes undesirable. Or dies. Therefore, Brett Favre is a prostitute. Man, I shoulda gone to law school. Too bad that involves so many books. Books? Am I pronouncing that correctly?

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