The FCS Championship Game Featured A Flawless Fake Field Goal By Eastern Washington

01.05.19 7 months ago


The FCS Championship Game took place on Saturday, and boy did it have some amazingly fun moments. Eastern Washington took on perennial FCS power North Dakota State University on Saturday and, simply put, pulled out all the stops.

Those stops include one of the most creative fake field goals ever put on the gridiron. Facing a fourth and goal at the NDSU two, Eastern Washington lined up for what was supposed to be a 20-yard field goal. Pretty simple, right?

Wrong! Eastern Washington kicker Roldan Alcobendas pretended to kick the field goal, and just as he swung his leg through, holder Gunner Talkington flipped the ball to tight end Jayce Glider, who was streaking across the line of scrimmage and raced for the goal line.

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