An FCS Semifinal Game Ended With One Of The Craziest Touchdown Catches You’ll Ever See

Associate Editor

This is certainly one way to win a football game. Unseeded Youngstown State traveled to No. 2 Eastern Washington to try and earn a spot in the FCS national title game in a few weeks. Bo Pelini’s Penguins (yes, that Bo Pelini) ended up pulling off the stunner thanks to this touchdown grab, which was incredible.

Youngstown State had the ball deep in Eagles territory with time for, at most, two plays. The ball was snapped to signal caller Hunter Wells, who stood strong in the pocket and rifled a pass in to his tight end, Kevin Rader. While it looked like the ball would bounce off of an Eastern Washington defender, Rader had other ideas. He somehow used his right hand to pin the ball against the defender’s shoulder and managed to retain possession as the two went to the ground.

If this happened with, like, eight minutes left in the second quarter of a game in October, this would have been great. But Rader made this catch with one second left, on the road, against the No. 2 team in America, with a spot in the national championship game on the line. Put it all together and it’s hard to imagine that there’s ever been a bigger reception in school history.

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