Fear The Korean Taekwondo Diplomacy Foundation: They Will Flip And Kick Out Your Heart

Just typing it is oddly terrifying: “Korean Taekwondo Diplomacy Foundation.” That’s GOT to be a front for a super villain.

Fight Network had a treat this week when the Korean Taekwondo Diplomacy Foundation came in to the FN studios for a demonstration with Master Tommy Chang from Black Belt World.

This video is ridiculously short (we only get a peek at a few stunts, and it’s over within 30 seconds), but it should be enough to send you crossing the street if the KTDF strolls by. We get to see a guy pull off the IRL version of Ken and Ryu’s hurricane kick, they finish off with a running backflip kick through a board THROUGH THE HEAVENS, and right in the middle is a weird blindfolded thing where it looks like a dude’s murdering a candy apple. Okay!

Here’s the clip, via Middle Easy. DIE, APPLE.

I bet cheerleading routines in South Korea are intense.