Fedor Knocks Out Frank Mir In A Furious 50-Second Bellator Battle

The Bellator Heavyweight World Grand Prix rolls on with an amazing fight between GOAT contender Fedor Emelianenko and former UFC champion Frank Mir. Fedor spent nearly a decade atop the heavyweight rankings in the 2000s but has struggled to win in the US since 2010. Frank Mir came into the fight off a couple losses and a two year USADA suspension that saw him leave the UFC for Bellator. But both are still top shelf heavyweights who always make things exciting. In a battle between legends, who would come out on top?

In the end, Fedor Emelianenko won what ended up being a quick back and forth violent brawl, dispatch Mir just 50 seconds into the first round. For a quick fight, Frank Mir impressed with his own aggression early on, catching Fedor with an exchange that had the Russian reeling back into the cage. But Fedor recovered in the ensuing tie up and even managed to land a slick judo throw before the two went back to slinging leather. Mir then got caught off balance on a follow up exchange, allowing Emelianenko to hit him with a hard left hook that crumpled Mir to the canvas. Fedor jumped on the former UFC champ, finishing things off with some unrelenting ground and pound.

The win moves Fedor on in Bellator’s Grand Prix to round two, where he’ll be facing blown up middleweight Chael Sonnen (who earned his own spot by decisioning Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson in January). Sonnen came into the cage after Fedor’s win and in typical Chael fashion, pulled a WWE style promo declaring a fight between the two wouldn’t last long. The always stoic Emelianenko barely responded to the smacktalk, and the two shook hands moments later.