Today In Two Very Different Kinds Of Internet: Felicia Day Plays NBA Jam

12.05.12 5 years ago 9 Comments

I haven’t settled on whether or not I like Felicia Day. I was disappointed by season 7 of ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ (more on that in tomorrow’s Sports On TV column), but I loved Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and she was cute in that one episode of ‘Undeclared.’ ‘The Guild’ seems like a pretty good show, if you laugh at the word aggro and want to watch a woman who is always on the verge of being sexually assaulted by people who laugh at the word aggro.

That said, the fastest way to earn a spot in my heart is to talk about NBA Jam. So far at With Leather we’ve written about the game’s T2: Judgment Day origins, its Wii remake and the video some guy made of the announcer cursing. Now I get to write about Felicia Day playing NBA Jam. Internet worlds are colliding! This is making me totally aggro*!

So yeah, the latest update from The Flog features Willow When Willow Stopped Being Willow playing the best-ever Sega Genesis basketball game. Okay, second best. She isn’t playing Bulls Vs. Blazers. Highlights include Felicia marking out for 1990s Hilary Clinton, thinking Eric Montross’ last name is “Mattress” and discovering how awesome Anthony Peeler was. Lowlights include a guy named “Ryon” throwing shade at DJ Jazzy Jeff, and the show’s dog host spelling out some stuff in poop. Viewer discretion, I guess?

Video is below.

*I have no idea how to use that.

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