Felix Hernandez’s Prank On A Mariners Athletic Trainer Backfired In Hilarious Fashion

Felix Hernandez is one of the best pitchers in baseball and one of the Seattle Mariners’ most prized assets, but just because he is the King of Seattle doesn’t mean he can just do whatever he wants to any old Mariners employee.

Hernandez was a little bored on his off day Saturday, so he decided he was going to try to mess with the Mariners assistant athletic trainer, Yoshihiro Nakazawa, who was just filling up water cups for the team.

Unfortunately for King Felix, Nakazawa was having none of it. After the ace pitcher dumped a little bit on the trainer’s head, he responded with the fury of several cups worth of splashes that had the former Cy Young winner retreating.

As the M’s announcers note, this is not the first time Hernandez and Nakazawa have gone at it, as they apparently have a continuing feud that spills over (sorry) into the locker room and even on plane rides.

I’m sure hanging out around the clubhouse on days you aren’t pitching can get pretty dull at times, but Hernandez might want to think twice before he goes after Nakazawa again, as he looks like he can take care of his business.