This Female High School Kicker Lit Up A Returner After She Sniffed Out A Trick Play Like A Pro

College football fans have been enthralled all year as they’ve watched Joey Julius, Penn State’s kicker who is making a point to obliterate return men during the 2016 season. He’s done his job so well that opposing players have been thrown out of games each of the last two weeks for going after him on kickoffs.

But for all of the huge hits we’ve seen out of Julius, none of them measure up to this hit by Kelly Macnamara, a kicker at North Penn High School in Pennsylvania. Macnamara completely ruined this poor returner’s life, as he ran up the sideline and she came out of nowhere to send him flying.

The craziest part of this is that Macnamara had to make a really great play in order to sniff this play out. The opposing team’s returner only got the ball after a different player fielded the kick and tossed it back to him on a reverse. To the returning team’s credit, this is actually a really great play and the kind of trickery that we’ve seen go for a huge gain in the past.

But Macnamara was having none of this. She realized what was going down, took a great angle to the ball, and blew up the return man. Somewhere else in Pennsylvania, Julius probably saw this play and applauded the fact that he got one-upped by another player in the Keystone State.