Ferrell, Pacquiao – Together At Last

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11.03.10 3 Comments

As the country unwinds from Election Day – the one day that we all truly join hands and put petty disagreements aside – Jimmy Kimmel took the opportunity Monday night to celebrate that togetherness by having 7-time world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao and actor Will Ferrell on his show to sing the John Lennon classic, “Imagine.” It was by far the most beautiful and inspirational moment that we will ever witness in our lives.

But the real reason Pacquiao stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live was to promote his new cologne, MP7. The Filipino fighter named his new fragrance MP7 as a tribute to his 7 titles, and Kimmel joked that he might have to change the name when Pacquiao goes for an unprecedented 8th title on November 13 in Dallas. The HBO-televised contest will pit Pacquiao against the bigger Antonio Margarito for the super-welterweight title. Margarito is the tallest fighter that Pacquiao has ever taken on, and presumably the most tequila-filled, but Pacquiao’s trainer says that we should put our money on the pint-sized pugilist.

A star wipe annnnnnnnnd a quote and video after the jump…

“Manny’s going to win the fight,” declared Koncz late Tuesday night after watching his big boss work out at the Wild Card Boxing Club in Hollywood, 11 days before the scheduled 12-round world super-welterweight title fight. (Via Manila Bulletin)

You can’t beat that kind of logic, friends. And now, prepare to swoon:

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