Ferris State Gets Robbed

11.09.10 7 years ago 7 Comments

The basketball team at Indiana has finally found a way to win more games–apparently through bribing the officials. The Hoosiers “welcomed” Division II Ferris State on Monday night. And welcome they did; Ferris led by nine with two minutes to play in regulation, and that’s when the trouble started.

After IU tied it, Ferris State’s Kenny Brown found an open seam to the basket and it looked like he might score a layup for the win. But Oladipo elevated from behind and blocked the shot with 1.4 seconds remaining.

“I got a little stuck on the screen up top and he kind of crossed me over and then he had a wide open lane,” Oladipo said. “But that was just a hustle play. You can never quit on a play. And I saw that he was going to use his left hand. Mo Creek slowed him down a little bit and luckily I got there to make the block.”

But the scrappy Bulldogs weren’t through in regulation. On the inbounds play, Jerrell Sanders seemingly hit a 17-footer at the buzzer over Jeremiah Rivers, but an official review determined the shot had left his hand after time had expired. –Indy Star.

Indiana would win in OT. Of course they would. But did this “review” at the end of regulation involve, you know, visual imagery? Because here’s the screencap from It’s Always Sunny In Detriot and…yep, there’s 0.4 seconds left and that ball is out of Sanders’s hands. So why is the red light on the backboard on? I know Indiana doesn’t honor daylight savings time, but come on. More bad calls from Sunny D.

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