Things Got Ugly When This Post-Game Dance-Off Evolved Into A Fight

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09.25.15 9 Comments

Bring it on!

So, apparently, there are rules in dance-offs. Really strict rules like:

1) Don’t get freaky.
2) Don’t make contact with the person getting served.
3) And above all else, don’t pull someone’s hair.

Two dancers at a high school in Texas appeared to break all these rules following a game at Wilmer Hutchins Stadium last Friday. The result was a mini brouhaha caught on tape by a bystander.

As you can see in the video, and as one mother explains, “You do have a personal space that you are supposed to respect in which that was not respected. So, I mean, it was heated at that point.”

More rules, everyone, and someone got disrespected. Bring it on!

The fight involved members of the drill teams, students at the two schools and even some adults. Both teams have since been suspended from activities for this week’s game. Furthermore, the school district added:

“Impromptu dance-offs are not part of the approved performance for dance teams, and fighting is never acceptable. Disciplinary actions will be taken as appropriate.”

So, what have we learned from all this?

1) Don’t turn your back on someone who’s serving you.
2) Don’t disrespect an opponent by turning your back.
3) Don’t let your mom come down from the stands to protect you.

We are all much dumber now for knowing these things. Also, fighting is stupid.

(Via Fox 4)

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