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There are any number of recent examples of mindless bits of violence between fanbases, but San Francisco Giants fans have enough animosity to take on their own. And take them out, for good, in one punch, as SportsbyBrooks recaps.

Giraudo and his friends were leaving a game between the Giants and the Philadelphia Phillies about 9:45 p.m. Friday when Giraudo got into an argument with a group of Carlmont High students beyond the gates in center field, according to police and Giraudo's relatives and friends.

Acquaintances said Giraudo, a first-year student and baseball pitcher at Cañada College in Redwood City, had been sticking up for a female friend who was being harassed by one of Buckley's friends. Buckley punched Giraudo once, knocking him to the ground, police said.

Who hit this guy? Brad Pitt's character from Snatch? Actually, the guy hit his head on the concrete and died later at the hospital. This is why if you have to scrap next to AT&T Park, stick near the water. A well-executed uppercut sends a person falling headlong into the Bay and not concrete. Also, the splash would also be pretty big. And what's better than a fight that ends with a big splash? Oh, right, one that ends with a death. 

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