Fighting Needs More Eyebrow Chewing

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09.15.11 2 Comments

Two men enter! One man leaves! With a giant hole above his eyeball, I should add. While a random Mexican streetfight is hardly sports news, I can at least hide behind my flimsiest of claims – at least it’s competitive. But when said story involves graphic detail that is so delightfully stomach-turning, I just have to make an exception.

Last Friday, 29-year old illegal immigrant Luis Miguel Aguilar attended a friend’s house party near Buena Park in Los Angeles, and he got into a bit of a skirmish with a 41-year old guest. As the two began fighting in the street, Aguilar bit the other man above the eye and ripped his entire eyebrow and surrounding flesh from his face. Then he chewed it and spit it back at the man. Your move, Mike Tyson.

The man actually tried to save the chewed up piece of flesh, Luong said, but it was so torn up that doctors were unable to reattach it. The corporal described it as a chunk containing the victim’s right eyebrow “about the size of an egg.”

“He’s got to get reconstructive surgery,” Luong said of the victim.


Aguilar claimed that he bit the other man’s eyebrow off in self defense, which I completely believe because every time that I’m in one of my illegal underground street fights and a guy starts punching me, my krav maga training tells me to sink my teeth directly into orbital flesh. Or curl up in the fetal position and piss myself. One or the other, I get them confused a lot.

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