Figure Skater Figures Wrong

Watch in stunned silence (because there isn’t any sound) as Canadian figure skater Eric Radford briefly makes figure skating exciting by having his nose broken and bloodied.

About eleven seconds in (thank God), he throws his partner into the air, and little Megan Duhamel comes crashing back down with a Mitsuharu Misawa-style roaring elbow to the face. And while it might sound weird considering he’s a figure skater, he didn’t blade: he bled hardway. If puroresu references aren’t your bag, she hit him with a Spin Attack. If that doesn’t work, I don’t know, she elbowed him in the nose by accident?

To his credit (or possibly to his discredit), Radford cowboy’d up and finished the routine, which earned him a score of 58.83 and a seventh-place finish in the short program. They will skate for the championship on Friday. YEAHHH GET HYPE.

[via Yahoo]