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A pair of Russian ice dancers have been causing a stir after unveiling a program that pays “tribute” to aborigines of Australia. G’day, mate! But now people are even more pissed since Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin used the routine to take the lead in the European Figure Skating Championships.

The program has also sparked controversy since its debut three weeks ago in St. Petersburg, Russia. Australian media on Thursday cited aboriginal leaders as complaining that the routine contained inauthentic steps and gaudy costumes.

Shabalin later said that although neither of them have been to Australia, they aimed for authenticity by doing research on the internet. –Y! News

Their internet viewing probably consisted of Kevin Bacon’s The Air Up There and that one movie where Richard Dreyfuss makes up a completely fake African tribe. I think it was African. Well, none of them were wearing shirts, anyway. But honestly, anyone that thinks America has racism issues needs to spend a few weeks in Europe. They only reason they don’t have a Klan over there is because Chanel doesn’t make hoods and they’re all afraid of fire.

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