Filmmaker And BASE Jumper Dean Potter Took His Dog On His Latest Leap

Well, this one certainly has the YouTube commenters in an uproar right now. Filmmaker Dean Potter’s latest effort is a short film entitled, When Dogs Fly, and it’s the story of his ambition to take his adorable dog, Whisper, with him on a BASE jump. In the trailer for When Dogs Fly, we get a brief look at Potter and his wife preparing Whisper with some more intermediate adventures, before the dog is eventually locked into his pack and sent flying into the foggy sky.

I’m going to be honest, as both a dog owner and someone who is stupidly afraid of heights, I almost had to cover my eyes on this one. Hell, my dog doesn’t even like it when I pick her up, but that’s mostly because she knows that means it’s bath time. That’s what she gets for being a stinky monkey. Who’s the stinky monkey? You are! Yes you are! Oh yeah, the trailer, check it out below.