04.25.07 11 years ago 16 Comments

Tom Mutch, the coach of Boston College's excellent women's hockey team, resigned after it was discovered he received sexually explicit text messages from star player Kelli Stack (sexily pictured in action against Harvard), a freshman.  Tom, you dog!

Hockey East Coach of the Year Tom Mutch, 39, who’s married and whose wife just had a baby, abruptly stepped down hours after the Herald began making inquiries to authorities at the Heights.

Sexually graphic text messages that BC hockey star Kelli Stack, 19, allegedly wrote to Mutch were discovered on a cell phone the Hockey East’s Player and Rookie of the Year gave to a teammate, neglecting to delete them first, sources said.

Sheesh, whatever happened to "snitches get stitches"?  Kelli's teammate is a total bitch.

One source familiar with the messages described them as “filthy. They were very sexual in nature.”

Oh really?  "One source"?  I wonder which little whistleblower that could be.  Man, it's getting to be where a married man in his late thirties can't screw college freshmen he's supposed to mentor.  What a shitty world.

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