03.19.08 10 years ago 21 Comments

In a funny but ridiculously long video (two minutes of exposition? Really?), Peter Rosenberg of This Is Why Duke Sucks re-imagines Eminem's "Stan" as a Coach K-obsessed Duke fan.  It's pretty good.

There's not much really to add to that, so I wanted to make one final announcement about With Leather's Pool of Hard Knocks NCAA Tournament Super Contest.  There are only a couple spots remaining in Pool 4 (Pool 4 and prize info HERE), so I just opened Pool of Hard Knocks 5.  After you go to the Yahoo sign-in page, enter group # 165178.  The password is "assblast".  Pool 5 will be the last group I set up, so this is your last chance for the iTunes card and nudie mags that we're handing out.

I hate to be genuine, but I'm really looking forward to March Madness finally kicking off tomorrow.  I can't wait to drink and watch sports during work.  Usually I just drink.

[College Humor via FanIQ

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