Behold, The Animated Penn State Christmas Lights Display That Blinded And Infuriated A Neighborhood

When you think of children nestled all snug in their beds, you think about Penn State, right? Uh, actually, don’t answer that.

One of last year’s big developments in viral Christmas technology was houses with these huge light displays set to blink along to music. Some people went the obvious route and played dubstep all night — I’m guessing they were the world’s most popular neighbors — but of the big winners was the family who sync’d their home to the IU fight song.

The first fight song display of 2013 comes to us courtesy of Bob Witt of Schwenksville, Pennsylvania. Bob used his engineering degree from Penn State to put together something called STALLION LIGHTS, and a 45,000-light Christmas arrangement that dances along to the PSU fight song. It is massive, impressive, and probably not enjoyed by anyone living within a mile radius of the Witts.


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