Finally, Someone Fighting About Hockey

Pro Wrestling Editor
11.22.11 3 Comments

I think the guy providing color commentary for this fight says it all.


If you need more information, this is a Montreal-area theatre troupe reenacting important scenes from American History X during Monday night’s Canadiens/Bruins game at the Bell Centre in Montreal, using Bruins fans in place of black people. It starts off like any YouTube fight video you’ve seen — two jerks ganging up to kick-punch a guy with no shirt, a white guy who doesn’t know how to distribute his body weight throwing all-arm punches — and escalates into a chaotic mass of security guards and flailing hoodies, all in the name of pro hockey loyalty. The fight continues in the comments section of YouTube, where “drunk fans acting stupid to each other” has turned into a full-scale, passive-aggressive America Versus Canada.

Maybe the person who stood in the background making cow noises had the right idea. Stay out of it.

[h/t Puck Daddy]

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