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It was all well and good making fun of Alex Rodrirguez for trying to steal the headlines from the World Series champions (here in NYC, A-Rod indeed got top billing on all the rags), but a World Series championship merits its own post even at baseball-eh blogs like With Leather.  Just for fun, here's a portion of the recap of the 2004 Series, re-jiggered for 2007:

En route to eight seven consecutive postseason wins, the Sons of Tito Francona simply destroyed a Cardinal Rocky team that won a major league-high 105 21 of 22 games to close the season in 2004 2007. The Sox did not trail for a single inning trailed for only three innings of the four-game sweep. No Cardinal Rocky pitcher lasted more than six innings and St. LouisColorado's vaunted row of sluggers was smothered by the likes of Curt Schilling, Pedro Martinez Josh Beckett, closer Keith Foulke Jonathan Papelbon, and Lowe Daisuke Matsuzaka.

Basically, it's the same story with less drama.  ALDS sweep, ALCS comeback, World Series sweep.  There just isn't the whole magic of the long-suffering fan base and the only Yankees subplot of the postseason is how they managed to stay in the headlines without playing any games.

So, yes: congratulations, Red Sox.  And bravo to the Rockies, who were a great story to have along the way.  If it's any consolation, the skiing in Colorado is still 8 million times better than anywhere in New England.

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