Watch A Finnish Goalkeeper Make Trick Shots, Kick A Bunch Of Food

Pro Wrestling Editor
11.06.12 5 Comments

I probably could’ve used a better image than that. Yeap.

Former UNC Asheville Goalkeeper and Finnish trick shot artist Lassi Hurskainen is back with more tricks from his native Finland!

Lassi tells us a little about the Finnish people, the culture, checks-in with Finland’s most famous resident (Santa Claus) and teaches one Finn an important lesson! (via YouTube)

We see a lot of trick shot videos at With Leather, but this one has everything you need: unnecessary cameos (Santa, The Blue Meanie I think), incredible displays of accuracy (those goal post shots) and even more incredible displays of ridiculously unnecessary accuracy. Seriously, who knows how to kick food into a grocery cart? More importantly, who LEARNS to do that? And what grocery store says, “sure, just kick our food until you get it right”?

Regardless, it’s a great video littered with adorable English and affirmations of Finnish politeness, so check it out.

Would I watch that again? Yeap.

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