These Two Guys Had A Crazy Fireworks Fight And Somehow Survived

The weirdest video of the day comes to us from China, where two gentlemen strapped roman candles to the end of two sticks and then fired them at each other from across the street.

You may have a few questions. The first is probably, “why?” I do not have a good answer for that question. These two people appear to be adults, which takes away the teenage boy defense, because teenage boys are dumb and it’s a miracle any of us make it past the age of 18.

I, for one, used to play SlamBall with my friends by using mini trampolines and mattresses laid on the driveway for “safety.” We also would ride a mountain board (those skateboards with big tires) down a hill and off a ramp onto a mattress in the grass, again, for “safety.” We also would jump off of a shed, onto a trampoline and then into a pool from a dangerous distance away over a carry of all concrete. These are only a few examples of how I was dumb as a teenage boy. However, these look like young adults, not teens, and I have learned since the age of 16 not to do these kinds of things.

So, the next question you may have is “is this sports?” Of course this is sports. It is a competition to see who can avoid death by fireball. That’s most definitely sports. Luckily, both of these people were winners on this day.

Finally “why have I watched this 10 times?” Because this has been a really, really long week already and it’s only Tuesday, so we all could use the distraction of watching some guys shoot fireworks at each other.

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