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Italian swimmer Flavia Zoccari lived through veritable humiliation yesterday when she was disqualified from a race after the back of her swimsuit busted open. But while Zoccari was not allowed to compete, she did have an amazing ass that wouldn’t quit. From the Daily Mail, who always drive on the left side of the motorway, old chum:

Flavia, 22, was wearing the controversial £318 top-of-the-line Jaked J01 swimsuit when disaster struck at the Games in Pescara, Italy today.

She burst into tears as she was forced to stand down from her race.

That motorway comment reminded me of Punte’s Tips For Savory Living: if you own a GPS and are having a bad day, change the language settings on your machine from “US English” to “UK English.” You’ll instantly feel more sophisticated. And if you live in some big city and don’t drive regularly, then up yours. You deserve to be depressed.

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