First Grader Sinks A Super Bowl Free Throw, Turns His School Into World War Z

Mater Dei School’s principal is Harvey Dent. He’s the type who leaves things like “will we have school today” to chance. He organized an assembly and gave his students the opportunity to be off the Monday after Super Bowl XLVII, but only if they could make free throws under pressure.

He let an eighth-grader shoot a three-pointer for the day off, and the eighth-grader failed. A seventh-grader failed, too.

Finally, first-grader Blake Harper stepped up to the free throw line for his shot at glory. Spoiler alert: he drains the shot, and is then immediately overtaken by a zombie wave of excited school children (including a tall, blonde kid who I’ll assume is their leader, because he holds up his arms and steps back to survey his works). No report on how Blake or the others spent their Monday, but I guess at least one of them spent it in traction.

You are a true hero to anyone who loves weird principals and hates going to school, Blake.

[h/t to Bob’s Blitz]