First Rule Of Toddler Fight Club: You Do Not Talk About Toddler Fight Club

08.25.10 8 years ago 4 Comments

I’m the last person on earth that would advocate violence perpetrated against children (publicly, at least), but there’s something about this story that strikes me as hilarious. Parents in a Fayetteville, Arkansas community are suing a church for allegedly forcing children to punch each other while in their care. Of course it isn’t quite as funny when you put it that way.

The parents of six children are seeking resolution alleging that the day care inside had turned into a fight club.

According to the lawsuit filed Friday, children as young as 3 were forced to play a game called “Ring of Fire,” where they were taught to punch each other in the face, chest or stomach until one child cried.

In the lawsuit, their parents claim that their children had come home with bruises — something other parents can’t even imagine.

“We are disappointed that the parents had chosen to take this step. It is now in the hands of attorneys, and we will let this play out,” said Brian Swain, church administrator.–40/29 TV, via ShareBros Spencer + Jack.

The parents were tipped off when some of the kids came home with bruises, which totally could have been explained by harmless roughhousing or church-sanctioned sodomy. As it stands now, no criminal charges have been filed, which is too bad, because I see Pedo Bear having potential as an awesome character witness. More kid fighting and awesome parenting in a video after the jump, just for you. And everyone else reading this.

Nice job making the little kid fight with his left hand. That’s totally fair. I hate parents.

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