Having A Pot Of Boiling Water Poured On You Is A Good Way To Finish Your Football Season Early

11.10.16 3 years ago

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Domestic violence is a depressingly common news item from the world of athletics, but it took a form unlike which we can remember on Halloween. A dispute between Florida International University’s Jonnu Smith and his girlfriend ended with the senior tight suffering injuries that will put an end to his college career. Mary Gaspar, who is five months pregnant with Smith’s child, dumped a pot of boiling water on him.

Smith received severe burns on his head, neck, back, a shoulder and arm. It will be months before the burns heal enough to play football, and Smith’s future pro prospects are very much in jeopardy. Even before the injuries, the Miami Herald claims that he was being viewed as a possible late-round pick for the 2017 NFL Draft. The argument reportedly started over Gaspar being unsatisfied with how much attention Smith was paying her.

Gaspar told campus police that when they want to Smith’s dorm room, she boiled a pot of water and dumped it on him, and when he “didn’t react strongly enough for her” according to the Herald, she starting hitting him with her open hand. She was arrested for aggravated battery and released on a pre-trial release order. Smith, who has already been released from the hospital, will finish his college career with 175 receptions, 1,936 yards and 17 touchdowns.

(Via Miami Herald)

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