Michelle Roque, The Sorority Girl With Electrifying Football Moves, Has A New Highlight Reel

12.02.15 2 years ago 4 Comments

You may remember Michelle Roque, a member of the Delta Gamma sorority at Florida State University, for her insane flag football run from last year. It was a thing of beauty, and you can be forgiven if you haven’t thought about it in a while. But after seeing this new highlight video, you aren’t likely to forget her again.

When we last posted about her, we compared her to Barry Sanders, but it turns out that’s actually selling her skillset short — she’s also got a cannon for an arm. Leaving aside her defensive skills (and she has them), she looks more like a flag football Michael Vick, circa 2004. You have to feel bad for her opponents, whom she humiliates over and over by switching field and juking them the hell out of their shoes.

Roque has reached that apex combination of athleticism and confidence that allows her to stand in place for a full beat just to put defenders on their heels so she can fly by them again. She knows that they don’t want to lunge at her flags for fear of being owned, and uses that information to own them anyway.

This compilation should cement Roque not as a flash-in-the-pan, but a true potential superstar. Tragically, there isn’t a viable forum for her to get paid for her abilities. Even the LFL, formerly the Lingerie Football League, doesn’t pay its players and makes them dress revealingly. Hopefully, once she graduates, Roque can find a place to keep stunting on fools and uploading it on YouTube for us to watch in awe.

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