Flop Floppy Flop Flop Flop

The unranked Florida State seminoles defeated the top ranked Duke Blue Devils in Tallahassee last night, which is great, because I love it when bad things happen to teams that receive special treatment. And before you even start complaining about me jealous, I want you to look at the above screen shot from last night’s game. Chris Singleton, one of the Seminoles’ key players, picked up his fourth foul on a horrendous offensive foul call, for which Kyle Singler deserves an Oscar. Singler flails around, falling four yards back to somehow get the call, probably because Coach K works officiating crews like Charlie Sheen works booths at the AVN awards.

What’s more infuriating is how the media treats the Blue Devils. It’s no secret how much Dickie V loves Duke, but it’d be nice if Dick didn’t let his man crush on Coach K prevent him from being a competent announcer. In his words, Dickie V was Awful with a capital ‘A’, baby!

Video after the jump.