Florida Unveiled A New Set Of Alternate Uniforms, And They’re A Sight To Behold

10.09.17 2 years ago

It has been a very weird season for Jim McElwain and the Florida Gators. The team opened the 2017 campaign with a ghastly loss to Michigan on a national stage but, later, Florida managed to knock off Tennessee on the strength of a Hail Mary heave to restore order. Not to be outdone, the Gators then fell at the hands of an LSU team in disarray this week and, well, it has been anything but boring.

This week’s game against another (very) interesting program in Texas A&M was already generating some intrigue but, on Monday, Florida made an announcement that was surely draw extra eye balls to the screen. In short, the program is rolling out some crazy alternate uniforms that makes them look like actual gators.

An official release from the program notes that this will be the first time in program history that Florida “will stray from its traditional Orange and Blue look that is synonymous with its storied program” and they describe the main jersey in this way.

The Gators will be in a swamp green jersey covered in a tonal gator print. Player numbers are orange trimmed in royal blue, while names appear in orange. A TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane, which is essentially a dense but smooth rubber) Gator logo patch sits at the center of the neck gusset.

As you can see above, this a complete ensemble and Florida even put out a description of the gloves that the team will be wearing.

Custom swamp green gloves showcase royal blue straps and accents and an orange Swoosh on the back of the hand, while a tonal Gator print and the Gator logo appear on the palm over orange.

No matter what some fans think, uniform choice probably doesn’t impact the product on the field. In the same breath, these are pretty far outside the box and the reaction has already been sweeping from the college football world. Now, we wait to see them in action against the Aggies in prime time.

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