Florida’s Official Twitter Account Can’t Believe The Gators Got Blown Out By Missouri

11.04.17 2 years ago

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It has not been a fun college football season if you’re a fan of the Florida Gators.

It’s had to cancel a game due to a hurricane and deal with the aftermath of said hurricane. It has failed to cover the spread in brutal fashion. Florida has not won many games this year, either. Its board looked into firing Jim McElwain during a blowout loss, then they went and fired McElwain.

The best thing that’s happened for Florida was a tribute to Tom Petty, which was awesome, but when it comes to football-related things, it’s been decidedly not great.

On Saturday, Florida got absolutely obliterated by Missouri. It got so bad that shortly after the half, in which Missouri led 28-6, the Florida athletic department’s Twitter account gave up on trying to keep track of the game with a little help from Frank Drebin.

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