The Florida Panthers Made Some Big Changes To Their Logo And Uniforms

The Florida Panthers unveiled some big time changes to their look on Thursday, rolling out a new logo and accompanying uniforms for next season and beyond. The team will be keeping their red, gold, and navy color scheme, but that’s just about the only aspect that will be carrying over from years past.

Let’s start with the new logo:

Florida had used the same primary logo since their inception way back in 1993 so this new one may take a bit getting used to. The stoic cat-based shield isn’t super unique or exciting, as it’s something that’s been used in countless programs in every level of sports across the country.

However, this design does a pretty great job of adding a sleek, modern aspect to the shield with sharp angles and corners on the design. It’s familiar, but it’s different and new. Plus, it’s a logo that will probably look great on gear such as t-shirts and hats.

Now for the jerseys:

It’s always tough to gauge the quality of a uniform without seeing in actual game action, but this is a pretty simple design that most people will either really like or will think is really boring. Personally, I think it looks quite a lot like certain international jerseys, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Much like the logo, it’s a sharp design that doesn’t try to do too much. Full grades have to be withheld until they’re seen on the ice, but my initial feeling is that this new look brings a much-needed upgrade to the Sunrise hockey club.