09.10.08 10 years ago 15 Comments

It’s bad enough that the Big Ten turns out vastly inferior football teams than the SEC; now the SEC is even getting top billing in Playboy’s “Girls of the Big Ten” issue.  Miss October Kelly Carrington (aka Kelly Hemberger), an undergrad at Florida, appears on the cover of this month’s issue, and her spread includes photos of her in a Gators jersey.  So why no Big Ten girl on the cover of the Big Ten issue?

“There weren’t any girls from the Big Ten who were hot enough to be on the cover, so they had to pull someone from the SEC,” she quipped.

Let’s go to the judges… annnnnd… yep, that’s a burn.  Let’s all just sit back and enjoy this a little bit.  Few things in life are as good as a woman who gets naked for money telling other women who got naked for money that they’re not attractive.  Girls are way easier to talk to when their self-confidence is destroyed.


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