Florida State’s Twitter Calls Out SportsCenter For Their SEC Bias

10.12.15 4 years ago
Miami v Florida State

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Florida State is coming off a big in-state rivalry win against Miami on Saturday, but it appears whoever runs the football team’s official Twitter account was feeling a bit grumpy on Monday morning. ESPN’s SportsCenter account posted college football’s updated rankings, as they typically do at the beginning of each CFB week.

Last week, the SportsCenter account posted the Top 11 college teams instead of the typical Top 10. This allowed them to include Florida into the rankings.

However, this latest batch of rankings went back to highlighting only the Top 10 teams, which seemed to irk whoever’s behind the Twitter account of Florida State football, who currently sit in the No. 11 spot. FSU decided to let them know what’s good.

While it’s weird to post a Top 11 instead of a Top 10, the fact that the account would make an exception for Florida and not Florida State is also quite weird. I’m sure this will help the “ESPN has an SEC bias!” claims. Maybe they can just say they ran out of Twitter characters.

(Via Sporting News)

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