A Florida State Fan Tried To Fight Florida Gators Fans With A Machete

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12.04.13 9 Comments

FSU Machete attack

Not just content with the fact that his team would soon be considered better than the Alabama Crimson Tide by the BCS computers, a Florida State Seminoles fan apparently had to prove that he was also capable of far more violent crimes than ‘Bama fans as well. As we all know by now, a female Tide fan has been charged with murder after witnesses say she shot a fellow Tide fan at a party because she wasn’t upset enough with the team’s loss to Auburn, but an FSU fan was also arrested on Saturday on charges of “aggravated assault, resisting arrest, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia,” according to UPI.

After the Seminoles easily dispatched of the Florida Gators on Saturday, 37-year old FSU fan Brant Brown allegedly tried to break up an argument between an arguing Gators couple by challenging the man to a fight in the parking lot. Chivalrous? Perhaps. But it was also just the first drop in the puke bucket.

After being stopped by some Florida Gators fans, the Seminoles supporter invited all the Gators fans in the establishment to come meet him in the parking lot.

The manager called 911 and followed Brown outside. Brown then got a machete from his truck and charged at the manager after threatening him.

The woman who Brown had approached at the bar went outside and Brown threatened her as well before fleeing in his truck on Alligator Alley.

After he stopped behind Mother’s Pub & Grill while still brandishing the machete, an out-of-town police officer in FSU gear was able to calm Brown down before Gainesville police arrived and arrested him. (Via UPI)

I don’t want to pretend that I’m any kind of college football or mental health expert, but as much as I’ve been enjoying my favorite team’s greatest season in program history – Woo, go UCF! Please don’t blow it all against SMU this weekend! – I haven’t felt the urge to murder anyone, win or lose. So please, fans of teams that are always good and constantly ranked in the Top 10, stop acting like violent shitheads. Save that for when your favorite NFL team wins the Super Bowl.

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