‘They Remember November’: Where Does Florida State Go From Here After Its Heartbreaking Loss In Atlanta?

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ATLANTA, GA – If you were playing Coach Speak Bingo with some of the phrases Florida State’s Jimbo Fisher uses repeatedly during his press conferences, you’d have a winning board most of the time. “Eliminate clutter.” “Be a family.” “Buy into the process.” “Control what you can control.”

That carries into the locker room, as well. Fisher continually hammers home similar points. And one of the things he tells the team most frequently in the locker room is, “They remember November.”

“This is when teams can help themselves or hurt themselves,” Seminoles senior defensive back Lamarcus Brutus told Uproxx Sports last week. “If you win, they’ll remember. If you lose, they’ll remember.”

It’s not November, not yet anyway, but nobody’s going to forget the end of Florida State’s loss to Georgia Tech on October 24 any time soon.

Watch the Seminoles closely through the first half of the year, and you would’ve seen a loss like this coming. Okay, maybe not a loss exactly like this, where a blocked field goal led to chaos and eventually ended in Lance Austin weaving his way 78 yards right in front of the entire Georgia Tech sideline and juking former Groza Award-winner Roberto Aguayo out of his shoes in the process to take it in for the game-winning score after the clock hit zero.

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